How to eliminate Error SC 552 from the Ricoh printers?

The error SC 552 is related to the fusing thermistor. It appears when there is some problem with the fusing lamp. You should not worry if you happen to face this code on your system. You will have to check every part and resolve the issues separately. You might also require replacing or reinstalling the thermistor. If you fail to eliminate the error, then you would be required to learn the solution from printer experts.

Learn the troubleshooting measures from us

We have provided the Ricoh Printer Support Number +1 866-662-5999 where you can connect with the professional technicians and learn the troubleshooting measures from them. Although there is not an exact solution for this error, you can remove it by taking certain measures. Below, we have explained some measures to dismiss this error from your printer.

First of all, you will have to remove the paper jam – There are chances that the thermistor has damaged due to the paper jam. You will have to search for the paper jam and take out the waste from the printer device. You would be required to open the printer cover to access the stuck pieces. You are suggested not to use force while taking out the stuck paper from its parts.

Try to reset your printer – In case, you have removed the jammed paper, and you still get this error, then we advise you to reset the device. You will have to go to the temp settings to reset the device. The Ricoh printers are featured with the tech mode which enables the Ricoh users to easily reset the device.

You might need to clean the Build-up toner – There are instances that you have not cleaned your device for a long time. And, there is a thick layer of the toner build-up on the roller thermistor. You can recover your device after clearing the layer from it.

On the off chance that you cannot eliminate this error from the device, you have the option to talk to us. Dial the Ricoh Printer Helpline Number to talk to the printer experts. They are 24/7 available to listen to your queries and suggest the troubleshooting measures in simple steps.

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